Doctorate in Genetics, Oncology and Clinical Medicine – GenOMeC

An International Doctorate program at University of Siena

Doctorate in Genetics, Oncology and Clinical Medicine (GenOMeC) is an interdisciplinary and International Research Doctorate in genetics and molecular medicine created by a regional network between the three  Tuscan Universities (University of Siena, Florence and Pisa) integrating research and educational centers of excellence from all over the world. This link between academic and non-academic basic research and applied research will promote translational medicine and it represents a key element of novelty in the scenario of research, facilitating professional employment of students after PhD. The close interaction between scientific centers of excellence will lead to a sharing of resources, technology platforms, and services in order to develop high quality international scientific projects and bring basic to clinical research. GenOMeC offers cutting-edge research facilities with excellent core facilities for genomics, cell imaging, flow cytometry, bioinformatics, pathophysiology and clinical research, creating an excellent Institution for training and research.

The Doctorate is aimed to educate students on the molecular basis and clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic aspects of monogenic and multifactorial diseases (resulting from the interaction between genes and environment), including cancer. GenOMeC intends to address unmet basic and clinical research questions related to rare diseases, in order to increase knowledge in a major medical field that is currently insufficiently covered. In particular, the Doctorate GenOMeC is centered on the study of genetic diseases, with particular focus on hereditary diseases, osteometabolic and connective tissue, metabolism defects, autoimmune and auto-inflammatory diseases, solid and hematological tumors and degeneration, inflammation and cell regeneration processes. Particular attention will be dedicated to personalized medicine through gene therapy by genome editing.

The Doctorate offers PhD fellowships open to international recruitment of highly motivated and talented students. These students will be trained to carry out research in these fields over a three years program with up-to-date facilities and in a stimulating scientific environment. At the end, they will be able to plan and develop competitive research proposals. The training program presents opportunities in genetics, immunology, infectious diseases, haematology, nephrology, developmental defects, metabolic diseases/encephalopathy, dermatology and gastroenterology.

The person responsible is Pr. Alessandra Renieri.

The Faculty Board is composed by 72 members from 15 academic and non-academic research centers from 6 countries

  • Research projects will be proposed by Faculty Board group and made available through the
    GenOMeC website (
  • Annual Call will be published on website address and at University of Siena website
  • Applications will be received through online platform of University of Siena
  • Applications should include: CV, Reference letters (not more than two), abstract of the dissertation for the Master Degree or equivalent foreign qualification, a research project
  • Candidates should have been studying for 5 years and obtained a Master Research degree
  • Application deadline: August 2018
  • Applications will be reviewed by an ad-hoc scientific committee

Scientific Annual Progress Report 2017: